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Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking pristine and healthy throughout the entire summer.

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Lawn aeration improves soil structure by creating small holes that allow air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

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Dethatching involves removing layers of dead grass accumulated on the surface of the lawn, allowing better air and water circulation.

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Property Cleanups

Cleaning involves removing debris and other materials that clutter lawns and outdoor spaces.

Who are we?
A local company focused on raising the lawn care industry standard.

Founded in 2021, our company aims to offer exceptional services in lawn maintenance and property cleanups.
Since our creation, we have always been focused on the satisfaction of our valued customers. We are proud to help and serve residents in the Vaudreuil, Île Perrot and Pincourt region with reliability. Choose us, save time, avoid problems.
Green Guy Lawncare team sitting by the company truck after a long day of cuts.

What sets us apart from others?
Why choose us?

High-Quality Service

Our comprehensive lawn care and cleaning service is unbeatable.

Registered Company

Registered as a local business, we pride ourselves on serving our customers.

Perfect 5-Star Rating

We have a perfect 5 star rating with 30+ reviews, across Facebook and Google.

Punctual & Diligent

We offer you a punctual, consistent and diligent service and experience.

Free Estimations

We offer 100% free estimates.
Contact us without fear.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed and insured, focused on excellence.

Meet the team.

Vassili Yannopoulos, Founder & Owner

Vassili Yannopoulos

Founder & Owner.
Dario Kubic, Team Lead

Dario Kubic

Team Leader.

Your premier specialist in
lawn care services.

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